The 325th Combat Engineers


I am rethinking what it means to have a website up in the current internet environment.

Photos from here have been misappropriated in a number of locations, some in ways completely inappropriate to memorializing the experiences of the unit--others just reused without context, and I need to reconsider how best to use the internet when there are no restraints on reuse so that the meaning is lost.

I also have been painfully aware that I had neglected the site--but also that I need to focus my time on my personal project--writing about both my parents' experiences in World WarII--on the homefront, in the infantry, and eventually in the Engineers, and beyond.

I will reconstitute the website in some form in the future, probably in a less "reusable" form.

My apologies and thanks to the friends and supporters of the 325th Combat Engineers who may have liked to direct others to this site.

I can be reached at pmorse325 "at" gmail "dot" com

Update: I've reposted The 2004 Battlefield Tour




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